Pictures 8/19/00 - 10/7/00

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Pictures from 10/7/00!
Kurfew throws a movie release party for new Sony Pictures Classics release,
"The Broken Hearts Club."

Pictures from 9/30/00!
Kurfew celebrates the launch of Disco Phever's new EP,
"The Dirty Disco MuthaF***a EP" with special guest DJs.

Pictures from 9/23/00!
Kurfew Trips with CityTripping, celebrating the launch of the NYC and LA
CityTripping city guides and TV show!

Pictures from 9/16/00!
Live performances by dance diva Veronica ("Release Me" and "I'm In Love")
and Mary Griffin ("Perfect Moment"!

Pictures from 9/9/00!
It's Part One of our "Freshmen Orientation" party,
and you know which orientation we're talking about!

Pictures from 9/2/00!
It's the "Kurfew Beach Party," with prizes sponsored by Universal Pictures
and the new film, BRING IT ON!

Pictures from 8/19/00!
It was quite a packed night at Kurfew as
DJ Johny Vicious kicked off his new Saturday Night residency!

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